Monday, 14 March 2011

Temple Of Boom!! CRoC's 2nd Intraleague.

Monday 7th March saw the second closed intraleague bout from the CRoC team. We where set into our teams and got our gggrrrr on. The Raiders came into the game with a lust for blood, they lost when we met back in December and had a point to prove. Roathmantics however, where going in with a title to maintain!!

Now am not one to complain (bwahahahaha) but it did feel like Raiders had 'stacked' the odds in their favour. Earlier in the week Genoa had asked to borrow 2 Roathmantics to even out the teams. Which was fine, then Abs had a bad chest and doubted she could skate so thats 3 down!! however Raiders had the same numbers didn't they?

Monday night and here's how the teams looked, Raiders a sea of Blue approx 14 skaters, Roathmantics 6 Black topped skaters! Abs was skating but had gone to the dark-side (well Blue side) and of those Roathmantics who where skating had noticed it too, so it wasn't just my paranoia at play! hehehehehehe.

However, there was a bout to play and damned if I would let Genoa and her espionage attempts crush my team. So we got our heads together formulated a plan and laughed in the face of adversity! NEW ROATHMANTICS!! WHOOP WHOOP!! So first Jam time to face up and do this thing!! To be completely honest with you the next 60-odd minuets of game time is a blur, I get so absorbed into it I really couldn't tell you what happened when, for this reason I know I would be no good as a Stat-Geek I'd forget I was supposed to be making notes!! lol.

All I know for definite is I was binned 4 times, which although naughty, especially since mostly it was for 4 minors so thats lots of naughtiness. However it is an improvement on December's 6 trips.

Tiger Bay Brawlers provided Ref's for this for us and I have to give a massive thanks to them all, without whom there would have been no Bout. We seem to have had a Ref walk-out. Actually thats a bit harsh, Jon our head-ref was out ill, we had Shaun and Ash. Also huge thanks to Sarah W TBB's head NSO for guiding our girls through the spreadsheets, I honestly was unaware these things existed and yet it makes so much sense that they do. I really must bone-up on how to NSO.

The final score............

Raiders of the Roath Park - 62
New Roathmantics - 136

And so we continue to lead!! 2 wins from 2 meetings!! I know pride comes before a fall and all that, but hey we worked hard and this is my blog so am going to use it to inflate my ego (well my Derby ego anyway) even if its just for a moment!

Picture Copyright Dave Lewis Photography
The next CRoC intraleague is set for 6th June. Dave This and Goliath will see Bridgend Bombshells vs New Roathmantics. Hopefully if we can get a bigger venue we might be able to make this one an open bout.

Watch this space............

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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