Friday, 1 April 2011

Long Time No Chat.

Hello all you lovely Derby-ites!!

I know its been forever, well less than a month. But considering I was blogging a few times a week this is a long silence for me, and if you know me in the real world you know its almost impossible to shut me up. I decided that as interesting as my derby training is, it may be a bit tiresome to hear about every single training session I attend (I do train for a minimum of 6 hours a week).

So whats happened since Temple of Boom??! I hear you all cry. Quiet a bloody lot actually!! Firstly training has been going really well and the girls have come on leaps and bounds and we have a good 5 or more ready to do their Min Skills!! They might not think that they are ready, but I know they are. The amazing She'za Payne from LBRG is coming to take a training session on Monday (4th April) we all need our buts kicked right now. Attendance seems to be dropping and am hoping this will give the girls a good kick, we are so very close to being able to fill a bout rosta and start getting out on the circuit. I really don't want to loose the girls who have been working so hard to this point because they have lost the passion and have to recruit and spend another 6-9 months training fresh meat, whilst the founding members wait to bout. I have been getting ready to bout for over a year now and I really want to test my skills! HAHAHAHA!

On that note............

The Tiger Bay Brawlers are hosting their 1st Birthday Bout on 16th April, its hard to believe we have been doing this for over a year. I used to skate with the founders of TBB way back, when we where all under the banner of Cardiff Dragon Dolls. Anyways I have been asked to guest skate with them!! That's right peoples Rhayfen is going to be making her public debut!! I have been placed on the 'Princess' team. The theme is a child's 1st birthday party, which is amazeballs!! and so it shall be the Pirates vs Princess's. I am currently on a rollercoaster of being tremendously excited and I cannot wait to get my skates on to being absolutely terrified to the point I feel sick. Am hoping I am going to react like I do going on stage, whilst in the wings waiting to step out am a bag of nerves, once am out there I forget about it all and just do what I need to do. Only time will tell.

I shall be skating this bout with DaveThis from Bridgend who is also a member of CRoC. There are also guest skaters who have been invited from London, Lincon, Bristol and Swansea. Its going to be a fantastic day, and fingers crossed my new heartless wheels will arrive from Wicked Skatewear by then too.

And that dear friends is about all there is to say about that. CRoC are hoping to hold a fundraiser at the end of July, and we are hoping to going to a few live bouts. Genoa Quake is going to try and organise an away bout/scrim with MKRG and we are attending the Goodwood Roller Marathon. Oooo and there are millions of other things that we have in the pipeline so LOOK OUT WORLD THE CRoC GIRLS ARE SNAPPING AT YOUR HEELS!!!!

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