Monday, 14 March 2011

CRoC trains with TBB

Sunday saw a few of the CRoC girls invited along to train with Tiger Bay Brawlers. It was an experience to say the least. We are quite happy about how our training has been going up to now, we seem to be on the right track. Having trained with TBB we realised we are too 'soft' there is a fear I guess that we don't want to put people off, seem like uber aggressive derby chicks, but there is a limit to how soft we can be, this is after all a full contact sport. So training is now going to be more focused, girls are going to have to stop chatting and taking forever to gear up. If we are going to ever go public we need to step it up a gear! starting with finding a bigger training venue.

Back to TBB......

Warm-Ups where fun, if not deadly. I realised just how unfit I am. Sad times, I thought I had gained some stamina but any I had buggered off and I was breathing like an asthmatic 90 year old!! It didn't help that my stomach decided a nice bout of heartburn was just what I needed 15 minutes into the session too!! one day my body shall actually work. We did some fall drills, suicides, press-ups and sit-ups plus planks. The Roller Derby staples. We then did some pack work. To start with we where 'trees' and just had to hold the pack formation as the Jammers came through, they had to 'find you friends' and get through. Next we could use positional blocks to try and hold up the Jammers and then finally we could contact Jammers and opposing blockers. Then we did some drills working in 3's, focusing on the inside line we would 'snare' the opposing Jammer and peg her in, the best bit of advice I got for this was to 'take her speed off' at the very least she'll go OOB or get a Back Block Penalty, I really loved all these drills and it was great to train at an intense pace, well more intense than I have to date. We then spent some time doing a few static hits to practice what TBB call 'the an-opener' I know it as a 'Johnny Crash' and am sure it has a few other names too. Then we moved onto pace-line drills. CRoC have been toying with these and now we know exactly how to do them we will be probably doing at least one each session. I really enjoyed the one called 'running the gauntlet' we paired up black-orange-black-orange etc. Then a girl from the back of the line had to 'bounce' her way down the centre of the paceline, only making contact with her team mates and keeping legal, any penalties where called by the Refs and NSO's who were infield. We then did a reverse pace-line, putting the Can-Opener into practice as we dropped back and then laterally. For the last hour we had a scrimmage. Am not sure if it has a name but it was basically like 'hot-bedding' no-one had a team, there where 5 black and 5 orange bibs and the pivot and Jammer panties. in the 30secs to line-up you had to grab a bib and if ness a panty and line up, play the jam and repeat until the end. I loved that one. I mean Scrimmages are like the cake at the end of the meal.

I walked away from the training session with my Derby fire well and truly fanned, am sure you will all agree at times no matter how passionate we are the fire can die down a bit.

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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