Tuesday, 1 March 2011

3 Days Non-Stop Derby............Day 2 Swansea

Sunday, Ty Coch, Swansea.

6am Sunday morning is NOT, I repeat NOT a time of day to be getting up. Especially when your Derby Wife has kept you up drinking Cranberry Vodka's till well past midnight!! However, I am a woman of my word and I had offered to help Swansea City Slayers by being a Ref in their intraleague, and gosh darn it that's what I did. In all honesty I was fine after 4 cups of lovely, warm, steaming Java! oh and the Hubby made me smoked salmon and scrambled eggs!

07.30 and Bruised Springsteen pulls up outside to take us west. In fact we got to Swansea by about 08.30 which was really good going, mind you we were one of very few cars about on the M4.

I instantly helped with the track laying. I have a 100 foot tape measure that is ALWAYS in my skate bag so it made sense to me that the CRoC girls (me, Bruise and Jonesy) started marking out as there where only about 5 Slayers there and they where all skating in the bout. I am pleased to report that between the 3 of us we laid the track in a record 40 mins (okay so it may not be a world record but its a CRoC record) Unfortunately Swansea had a bit of an admin cock-up in the fact they had each thought the other was providing the tape to hold the rope down, as such all manner of sticky-tape was used from electrical to parcel. Pulling up 'fragile' packing tape at the end of a bout is not as easy as one might think!

MrsBaxter was appointed Head Ref and I was given the role of outside Ref along with Shaun from Bridgend Bombshells, because we only had 2 outside it was agreed we would skate a lap each. Bruise NSO'd as the outside penalty tracker and Jonesy as inside. Abadabadoo and Drew Blood where also covering Ref duties.

I must say Reffing a team unknown to you is alot harder than you think, or am just really green. At least when I ref CRoC games I know who is likely to do what and when as I skate with the girls. Swansea have only a few girls who have passed Min Skills and it was agreed by the Team Zebra that we would not call every infraction, eg, if an elbow/forearm is obviously unintentional, just down to lack of skill. However even with letting some fouls go and the inevitable fact that there would be some we didn't see, we were still pulling them up, alot. I don't think Abs' whistle was out of her mouth! The main feedback I would give the teams is Back Blocking!! just about every call I made was to a skater who just couldn't stop herself from skating into the back of another player. On a positive note I would like to big up Mika Chu you have improved massively in the month or so since I last saw you skating, what ever you have been doing, its working keep it up!!

I would really love to inform you of the scores, but I have forgotten them, you know what. I really should make notes. I will endevour to find out and report them to you once I know myself.

Stay Skating, Derby Love



  1. Final score: Psycho Slashers 44- 177 Brass Knuckle Brawds :)