Tuesday, 1 March 2011

3 Days Non-Stop Derby........... Day 1 Cardiff

Saturday, Skills training, Channel View.

What can I say?? We came back from watching the CCR bout with sooooo many new ideas and things we wanted to learn and try-out. It happens every time we see a live bout, comments like 'did you see that block?' 'how does she skip about like that?' and 'I wish I was that fast' are a few of the normal things that are heard. We did notice that CCR's Jammers tended to 'jump' in front of the blockers they where passing rather than trying to skate, so after the normal warm-ups, stretches and such, we broke down to our smaller groups. Beginners; this includes complete skating and Derby novices and girls that have been with us a while but who are no way near ready to do Min Skills, they took a chunk of floor space and practiced falls, and more importantly, falling small and some footwork. As Saturdays seem to be our least attended session (methinks the lure of a Friday night Piss-Up may have a role to play there) we tend to merge the Intermediate and Advanced groups. Intermediate are those who are about to or have just passed Min Skills and Advanced are girls who passed way back when or are technically good and have come from another skating discipline, but need to learn the Derby Way. Inter and Adv worked mainly on hopping around opposing players, then if your a blocker you plough to slow the pack down, if your the jammer you sprint off for another pass. Just like we saw Viv La France of CCR doing!! I must admit I like it.

Hopefully once I have the manoeuvre mastered and can keep my head up and eyes forward, oh and lose the 'OMG! AM GOING TO FACE PLANT!' feeling I shall be using it every chance I get. However, I have come to the sad realisation that my wheels are not suitable on the hall floors we train in, this is also a very good thing as it means I get to buy new wheels! and in fact as soon as this month's paycheck had cleared I was onto the girls at  Wicked who are also a CRoC sponsor, for advice and am now getting me some shiny new Heartless wheels. I cannot WAIT for those bad girls to arrive!! any day now!! woooooooo.

Anywho, back to training. I thought I had the move down, I was feeling more confident each time I did it, and so I really went for it. I skated up behind the opposition, scanned the track looking for my space, it's there my brain screamed at me. Tap-Tap my wheels thudded on the floor as I lept into the air and cut in front, now for the plough stop......... and now to plough stop........ right come on wheels, my legs are a wide as I can get them, my feet and forcing all my weight into my wheels and rather than biting down and stopping am just heading straight for the door. Am outta room and outta time!! SMASH! am clean through the door to the hall and halfway along the corridor before I stop! Once I had stopped wetting my knickers laughing I rejoined the group. BEST RHAYFEN EXIT EVER to date at least.

And so as quick as it started the 2 hours were up and it was time to rush home to watch the Rugby. Get some sleep and do it all again Sunday.

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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