Tuesday, 1 March 2011

3 Days Non-Stop Derby............Day 3 Cardiff with added Bristol

Monday Night, Coleg Glan Hafren.

We had arranged with Bristol Harbour Harlots to do a combined training session and what a training session. We started off with the usual warm-ups and dynamic stretches, we then did the 'broken down crossover' drill. We basically try and skate only doing the right foot movement for a few laps. Then just by pulling your left leg behind, then both together. Bristol then showed us how they practice them. They stand and face a wall and walk or grapevine but whilst maintaining derby stance. T-Licious pointed out that as I did my grapevines I looked like I would break in a song! I assure you that will not happen. I'd need at least 4 double vodka's first!

After crossovers we tried to practice blocking drills and building and smashing walls, however the track was so congested we had to have the Beginner group out to the side, and only 10 girls on the track at a time with the rest in the centre. Bristol are very good at walls, compared to us at least. They have also got their heads around what role each position has, we have only just begun looking at that. So alot of information was gathered, on how best to move, who should go where etc.

We then decided to play 2 min Jams. The Inter group went first made up of Black Tops vs Coloured Tops. Am sure I mentioned a while ago that rather than scrimmage at the end of a session we do Power Jams to build endurance. Then the Adv group would do their 2 mins. I must say I was very pleased with myself. I countered the Bristol attacks, I threw some well timed hits, I felt good about my skills. Bristol are ahead of us in their Derby career, they already have 2 public bouts under their belts, so it was good to pit our skills against theirs.

Unfortunately Tattooed Terror from BHH took a tumble and went over on her ankle, today's reports state she is okay, just swollen and bruised, Belle Maladies from CRoC also managed to damage her knee (again!) we need to get that girl some 187's!! I also falled down!! I would love to say it was mid Jam and awesome but no. I was trying to get my crossovers 'tighter' and had got dizzy and managed to trip over another skaters boot as I headed for some water. As I tumbled towards the floor my body instantly put me into a 4-point fall or porn-star, Yay muscle memory, but it went wrong. I am yet to work out how, but I landed on my forearm first. I have wrist guards on, elbow pads on, and the one bit of me that's not supposed to hit the ground first and thus has no padding on, is the bit I land on!! I am now sporting the beginnings of a lovely bruise whom I have named Bryan!!

Bryan the Bristol Bruise - Day 1

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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