Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Rope Track = Skywards Rhayfen

Do you want a 3 hour Monday session? HELLS YEAH!!

And that my friends is what we got. I loved it! especially after my enforced week off skating. Can I just say Rhayfen without skating is a very cranky, obnoxious and aggressive bitch! I swear Derby withdrawal is worse than sugar or even crack withdrawal! Never again will I do that to myself.

Dave a photographer friend of mine and Emilie's came down to watch us train and do a little test shoot before we organise the proper shoot, we are still to set the theme so am thinking this first one is just going to be portraits  for our website and for programmes etc. Tonight was the first time we laid the track with rope. Usually we just mark it out with tape, but since we had longer we used the rope too. It was also the first time I had skated with a raised boundary and its an experience to say the least. I like the fact you have an actual 'feel' that you are about to go OOB, I don't like my complete lack of ability to not wedge my wheel into the rope and send myself skywards! I guess it just takes practice.

We did a bit of speed work. Rather than going for the 5 in 1min or the 25 in 5min. We did 3 minutes, as fast as you can, aiming for at least 15 laps. I am pleased to say I was about 25 feet short of 17 laps! less pleased by the fact that my lungs where on fire. It felt like I was still a smoker, am hoping that it was because the hall was so cold and not that taking a week off all physical training has put me back 5 months!

We then moved onto some pack work. We are starting to position ourselves now, seeing who is best as Pivot, B1, etc. I tend to play Pivot right now, but that's mainly because I have a better grasp on the rules, tactics and am able to skate slightly better than most girls. Am not being being headed, the gap is closing which is awesome, plus am deffo not the best skater in the league. I guess am just more confident to scream orders at people, its the Soldier in me. Drill square or track I don't care, I know what I want to achieve and I'll scream at whoever it is I need to scream at to get my prize. I would like to start playing B3 or at least have a go once more of the girls are ready to move up to the pivot line. We where first concentrating on passive/booty blocking and with only one Jammer. That way team A just has to worry about defence and team B offence and visa versa. We also slowed the pack right down so it was about the blockers working and not the Jammer. A nice slow pace meant that everyone had time to see where the Jammer was, think about where they needed to be and get themselves there. Penalties where given for the usual fouls; back blocking, cutting and elbows seem to be the favorites at the moment. Punishment consisted of 10 press-ups.

We then started to mix things up. We placed the second Jammer into the mix. Still keeping the pack pace nice and slow, but now we all had to play offence and defence simultaneously. Easier said than done. We then went for an all out scrimmage. Power Jams only. I love these, no calling off for lead Jammer. Full on 2 minutes, We figure that this is only going to help with out stamina. However the last Jam seemed more like 5 minutes at which point Drew Blood did confess that he was enjoying watching us work so hard he didn't have the heart to call it off!! I don't know if we should be flattered or flatten him!

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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