Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hi there Guys and Dolls!! Sorry for the week off, I know a week, Harsh! no excuses I didn't skate for a week. Since this is my skating blog I doubted you wanted to read about my housework adventures or my trips to Tesco?

So off to Birmingham we go. It's the usual suspects in the Rhian-Taxi with the added squeeze of Emilie's real partner Dean in the back too. He had bitten the bullet and decided to tag along to find out 'what this derby thing is about'. I dunno what he thought about it. He doesn't say much at times, but if am honest I think he was bored and slightly confused by the whole affair. Kudos to him for trying though, its more than my Husband has done.

So 2 hours riding the motorway and we arrive at COCKS MOORS WOODS (sorry am a small child at times and this name makes me giggle) Leisure Centre, Home of Central City Rollergirls or CCR. Seething Double saw CCR take on both Dublin Roller Girls and RWRG. In a double header!! I LOVE double headers, 2 bouts for the price of one!!! Amazeballs!!!

To start things off we saw CCR - Slay Belles vs DRG. I believe this was DRG's debut. The game was a nice slow pace and easy to follow in conparasion to most CCR bouts, I assume this is because CCR played their B Team and a Dublin where debuting. It was good to watch though as at times with the faster more experienced teams it is hard for my inexperinced eyes to see all that is happening. Plus it really filled me with hope for CRoC, I honestly think we could pitch our travel/all-star team aginst both SlayBelles and DRG and stand a chance of actually winning!! YAY CRoC!! I digress, back to the bout. The first half saw a nice close battle between the girls. The half time score was CCR 75 - 36 DRG.

The final score of CCR 106 - 46 DRG.

Now that score really doesn't do the Dublin Girls any justice. If you didn't see the game I think you would assume it was a walk over by the Slay Belles. It wasn't. Dublin fought hard for every one of their points, but alas CCR where slightly more tactical, calling off Jams before the DRG Jammer got back into the pack, forcing DRG to be OOB and/or OOP (for none Derby Types OOB - out of bounds and OOP - out of play) and all the other lovely things that if your team are doing them, are amazeballs. However if your on the receiving end you just wanna scream and smash some heads, at least I do anyway. The Sin-Bin saw alot of action too, at times there where a 5 girls sat there!! Awesome fun to watch though thanks girls and you should all be super proud. I cannot wait to Bout!! although I have too.

And so a quick Beer break, bought some raffle tickets and looked at Merch, however I didn't buy anything. I know am a bad supporter, I honestly can't say why I didn't get anything. I think it was more the fact that I really needed to pee and I was more than aware of the rather long queue!!

Bout 2 of the day, She Who Dares Windsor. BAM! full speed super derby!!! well faster harder derby. Plus I get to see my Derby crushes. My derby-wife Emilie Mort'em came out with the best line of the day "When I grow up I wanna be like Madame Flutterby!"  I however would like to be a combo of players. Tragic Wrath is my crush! she's amazing. But I also have a thing for both Block Star and Viv Le France, I know am a Derby Floosie, I can't help it, they are all so fantabulous. Again CCR played a tactical game, and half time saw CCR leading 91 - 17. Now I don't know what was said to the teams during half-time but I think it could have gone something like this. CCR Bench: That's it, keep doing that we are owning them, but there's still 30 mins to play. Just keep the pressure on, hit them, hit them hard!! and all that Jazz. RWRG Bench: WTF!! where are you?? wheres you head? your letting them walk all over you. Have you come here to loose?? Get out there and do some damage!! What ever was said worked, Windsor came out fighting. Unfortunately CCR wanted a twofer and they played for a twofer. The final score saw CCR win 156 - 48.

Again this score doesn't really tell the story properly. Royal Windsor fought hard, and their fans are brilliant!! they where all sporting gold crowns and making as much noise as they could. Big shout out goes to Loopy Lucy #14 of RWRG, she took quite a spill. Falling backwards after a team mate took her by surprise. She hit the ground HARD! and you could see from her reaction that it hurt, it hurt bad! However after a while she got to her feet and slowly with the aid of the medics made her way to the bench and waited for an ambulance. I am told that she is okay, which is good to hear.

A final shout out goes to the brilliant Rolls Voyce, he never fails to amuse me. Also he read out my sign I had taken. I knew that my Lady-Brother JinxE'm G would be watching the live feeds of the bout over the interwebz, so I made a banner in the hope that she and the rest of the CRoC's that couldn't make the bout would see it!! Yes not only am I a Derby Flooise am a Media Whore too!! well someone's got to do it so why not me??

All in all a blooming good day out. However I really should sort things out so I can attend these After Parties. That said a few pints in my local on the way home almost scratch the After Party itch. The pub is literally opposite my house so it would be rude to just walk straight past.

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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