Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ddim Breichia

So another Monday is upon us.......

Jonesy and Nancy are waiting outside my house, and I am throwing steaming hot stew down my neck as quickly as I can, its twenty past 6 and am running late, one thing I hate is running late! Husband is no where to be seen!! luckily though my children are perfect and can be left unattended for days at a time, as long as they have access to beans and water!

I jest they only need water. I threw them over the fence for next door to watch them for 10 mins until CJ was home, at least I think they where being supervised.

We drove up the road to collect the wife and then it was a lovely jaunt down the A470 and I think the M4 to training (can you tell I don't drive?)

Yet again the hall was freezing!! They (the powers that be) have started putting the heating/noisy thing in the corner on just before we get there but in all honesty I don't see a difference, apart from the fact that there is no more condensation on the floor, which is a good thing. Trying to skate a turn and hitting an unexpected puddle makes for an interesting fall and if its MrsB skidding off, a very convincing impression of R2D2 screaming!!

First stage of any CRoC session is a few warm-up laps, followed by 25 in 5 (I only managed 21 this week) then 3 mins skating clockwise. We stretched and then played the lovely game of PYRAMIDS (boo hiss). I'm not sure if you know of this evil training scheme? basically we split into 2 groups, as group A skates laps group B are in the infield and doing an exercise. So first of all A does 1 lap as fast as they can, whilst B is doing squat thrusts. Then you swap places. We go up to 5 laps then back down to 1. The infield exercises always change but basically consist of Planks, Press-Ups, Squats, Squat-Thrusts, Fast Feet etc etc etc.

We then split down into smaller groups, those who have passed Min Skills or are so close they can taste it, and those who are either Fresh Meat or still need to work on meeting the Min Skills requirements. Now am going to take a minute to shout at people. Confidence girls!! fake it if you have too (the confidence not the drill)!!! the amount of times I see people doing, lets say a T-Stop for arguments sake. The amount of times I see girls do this when they think its just a drill, and then freeze when its being watched is amazing! I understand there are nerves involved, I get that sometimes your brain and your feet just stop communicating, it happens to us all. But please if you are asked to do it, have a go. We will never ask something of a skater that we know she cannot do. There shouty time over, back to Monday night.

I pulled out of the training at this point as my leg is not liking me for the whole skate 5 hours over the weekend, plus a Scrimmage, plus the walk about Cardiff and Llanelli and sleeping in a chair on Saturday night. So rather than add to the already moaning calf, I thought I would rest for a bit and watch what everyone was doing, correct any mistakes that where seen and try to take some pretty pictures of the team as they train. Have you seen our lot?? its very hard to take a pretty picture of any of them!!!

We focused on cross-overs and weaving. Min Skills says a skater must be able to weave between cones set at 6 feet, now this to me and a few other girls seems miles, however, the less able skaters are over shooting and if they go to fast, well it all goes a bit Pete Tong! After about 20 minutes everyone seemed to look like they where getting the hang of it, so we started a pace-line. Actually we do 2. The girls who have and those who have not. We did an all inclusive pace-line last week and it ended with just 4 skaters in it. So the non-min-skills girls take the inside line and the min-skills girls the outside.

Then it was time for pack work. Again I stayed out of the majority of this drill to. We decided to do more work on blocks and how and when you use each one. Passive blocking really seemed to throw Swansea on Sunday. Alot of the time their response to it was a back block, great if your the opposition. We wanted to make sure our girls knew what they can and can't do in response to a passive block. Am glad to say most of the time they weaved and side-stepped themselves around the opposition like pro's. Well maybe not TXRG Pro's but CRoC Pro's and that's good enough for me!

So to the big fat cream cake that comes with the end of a training session SCRIMMAGE TIME!! we had 20 minutes to spare so we put what we had been learning into practice. This was a non scoring scrimmage, the point was to not incur penalties. I reff'd, I am finding it much easier to get my head around the rules as I ref than as a player. I upset Grazed when I pulled her up for straddling the line, she thought I was binning her, I wasn't. A small bit of confusion there. We must ensure everyone knows what the different hand signals mean. Once she knew what I meant she seemed happy enough. Plus she did gain advantage so it was a naughty!!

Now for the car trip home. Am not sure how much longer Nancy and Jonesy are going to collect me and my darling wife. I think we maybe scaring them. Much hilarity was had, things where said and impressions made. But as was said on the night, What happens in the Car, stays in the Car! all I will add to that is......


Stay Skating, Derby Love


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