Monday, 31 January 2011

Smashing times in Swansea

So 7am Sunday morning, this is what you look like!!! Your nice, but bed is nicer. Except am not in my bed, am sleeping on a recliner in my Mother's living room. Still I'll sleep anywhere I can get my head down, its a squaddie thing.

I had caught the train over to Llanelli from Cardiff and stayed the night with Mammy, I figured it was easier to get to Swansea's training venue from there than Pontypridd. I had a taxi booked for 8am, time for brekki and a fag, except I remembered I don't smoke no more. Brekki and a brew? nope I have cut out caffeine too. Brekki? Yep. Dressed. Well almost, am in roller girl mode so I walked out my front door dressed like something you only see on a Friday night in Bar Luna!! shit I hope the new neighbours didn't think I was doing the walk of shame from there!!! coz that means I either spent the night with my Mother (ewwww) or my Brother!! Sorry, I was just a bit sick in my mouth.

So off to Swansea, with a cabbie who didn't know where Swansea college was!! He took me to the University to start with, luckily am from the area, well almost and I had been there once before. So I guided him there, erm follow the road signs?? get a map?? satnav?? never mind.

I had arrived, and nice and early too. A few of the Slayers where already about and laying down the track. I found the lovely Flo and started talking tactics. I was chuffed to be asked to come as a guest skater along with MrsBaxter and Abadabadoo, we also bought Drew Blood along to help Ref and as our driver!! hehehehe. Thanks Drew, you saved me waiting 4 hours for Sunday trains. xx

People started arriving thick and fast adorned in their Black or Red tops. I played for the Vixens and we where in Red, the black team where the Sirens.

So everyone lines up, whistle goes. Scrimmage begins!

In all honesty I can't really remember much of what went on, too bust concentrating on playing. So I shall try and get things in the right order.

There where plenty of spills, Swansea are just about to put their first lot of girls through Min Skills, so not everyone involved in the scrimmage had passed. This leads to quiet alot of falling down. However I only noticed this when I watch back some of the scrim footage. At the time it seemed everyone was where they where meant to be. Early on in the game there was a bit of a Vixen pile-up coming out of corner 2. Am not quite sure what happened but all of a sudden I was trying to jump over my Jammer as someone else was falling onto me and in one photo it really looks like am doing a plank over my jammer!! and let me tell you this for free, its really hard for your jammer to score when she has 2 of her blockers lying on top of her!!!

I have to say this is one of THE most painful looking falls I have ever seen!

Here's me doing a plank over MY jammer!!

So the first half ended with the Vixens leading 92-86. Yay Vixens. So second half and my fellow CRoC's who incidentally where my opposition. Had been conspiring. Basically because the scores where so close they deiced to get lead, score 5 then call off the Jam, and they where very successful at it too! I am pleased to say I managed my first ever Scrimmage without a trip to the Bin!! now this is for one of 2 reasons,

1: I am amazing and did nothing wrong during every Jam I played, or
2: the Ref didn't see!! and I know which one its more likely to be. Coz I am just that good!!! Bwahahahahahaha I wish.

The second half was a fight for every point. Vixens wanted to maintain and widen their lead, while the Sirens fought to close the gap! MrsB and Abs became a duo. They fought for the lead and as soon as they got through for they first time they called it. Vixens Jammers had no chance against those pair. Big shout out to Lady Loco (?) of the Slayers she was an awesome blocker. Also to the Siren Jammer who I kept holding up with my arse, sorry I don't know your name, as sorry for the whole "go on, darling touch my back one more time" shout, its all part of the fun though.

Holding nothing back against Abs

Looking like I mean business and keeping those elbows IN!

The final whistle saw the scores change places as the Sirens won 96-89.

Now please don't take these scores as gospel, I may have got them wrong. Needless to say Vixens where leading first half, Sirens stole the second and won the Scrimmage.

Thank you to all at Swansea City Slayers, for inviting me to come play with you.

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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