Monday, 31 January 2011

Brilliant Blogging Day!!

Wow, so much happened over the weekend! where to start??

1am Sunday afternoon, outside a purple cloud monster's house I ate some snurgburgers and a whizzpop!

I didn't do that, or maybe I did...........

Saturday morning as usual saw me and my lovely wife Emilie Mort'Em getting on the bus to the train station, the driver knows us that well now we don't even have to ask for tickets or for the bus to stop, I am still deciding if this is a good thing or not. We get on the train to 'Diff and then a taxi-m-cab to Channel View, whilst leaving the station taxi rank I spied a Jinx wondering towards Mrs Baxter's car, and the temptation to smoosh my face into the cab window as we drove past was too great, Jinx's face was awesome. First she was all 'OMG what a loon' then upon recognising me she was like 'hahahahaha!....awww shit I know that loon'

It was a typical skate session, warm-up, stretch, fall down, start, stop. Drills, Drills, Drills, Drills and just when you think you have done enough for the day, more Drills!! We then started to work on defence. We have been focusing on 'hits' for quite some weeks now, and we are getting much better at controlling them, and making them count. However we have been just allowing ourselves to be hit by our team mates. Now we are starting to defend ourselves, mainly by bracing and trying to use the attackers momentum against them, but also if you are lucky enough to see the hit coming in, by either speeding up or slowing down, so they then end up throwing themselves into thin air, or a member of their own team.

Things are going to plan and am pleased to say that the Zombie-Leg is healing well and liking skating better to walking which still confuses the shit outta me.

After practice me and my Derby-Half went to a fabulous little eatery in Cardiff, Spud-U-Like! hehehhe, well I had spent the morning training, I was then going to my Mam's and intended to play in a Scrim with Swansea on Sunday, I needed the Carbs!! I haven't had white potatoes in over a month, so it was a real treat!! the baked beans and cheese made it mind you, and I was very naughty and cheated on my diet by having a small Pepsi too.

So it was the time to part ways, Wifey went home and I headed west to Mammy. I haven't seen her since November when she had a triple heart by-pass, and I forget how long its been since I went there alone, no Husband and NO BABIES!!! it was very strange. All is well at the house of Mammy-Rhayfen. Then 7am Sunday morning I was up and getting ready to head on over to Swansea, but that dear readers is another Blog.

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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