Tuesday, 18 January 2011

RDWC Week One Results.....

So pretty much all the people I know, know am doing this 'Roller Derby Diet Thing' as it's referred to in my house. My husband and children are supporting me, but refuse to eat my meals. The awesome guys who are running the Roller Derby Workout Challenge write up an exercise and meal plan for each week, you also get some homework questions on a Friday asking you how you think its going and other more random questions, I think that's just to make sure we are paying attention.

Unfortunately, I was one of those horrid teenagers who could, and would eat anything I wanted and in the quantities that I wanted. Sometimes resulting in vomiting, who knew at 12 eating approximately 4kg of chocolate eggs would make you sick?! I went straight from school into the Army, so again I could eat what I wanted, sometimes things I really didn't want to eat!! but with all the marching and training we where doing we never gained weight, in fact on my entrance interview I was told after my medical I should go home and try to gain at least 28lbs before my start date (4 months). BRING ON THE BURGERS!!

However, I then did the breeding thing, first baby wasn't too bad, I gained a bit of weight, well I had just grown a whole real person in my tummy, of course I would. I managed to lose around 10lbs in 6 hours as I gave birth and thanks to breast feeding and a complete lack of money to buy any food for myself after the baby expenses I quickly sprang from my pregnant size 14, back to a post baby size 10. I can't tell you what weight that is/was. I was just happy with the fact my Jeans could fit me once again, and I didn't look too 'loose'. I had a 6 pack prior to impregnation. Baby number 2 destroyed me! am serious, am a small girl. Only 5' 4" and I should weight around 9stone 3lb, that's 130lbs for any Americans reading this. I went from a size 10 to a size 18. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to have an emergency section and so any attempt at trying to get my body back where put on the back burner, not that I had any at the time. Now 9 years on I am back in a size 12 and a well over a stone above my ideal weight. I started the challenge at 10 stone 9lbs (152.6lbs) officially overweight and my BMI was just as dire at almost 29!!

Within 7 months of starting Derby I had made the choice to give up smoking, 6 months clear. As I wanted to be able to get around the track and do the warm-ups without feeling like my lungs would explode from my chest, by the way I smoked all through my Army career. When I saw the RDWC I thought, well if its going to make me a stronger player then whats the worst that can happen? I'll tell you what......


These are pretty much all I want to eat!! but because I have the breaking strain of a kitkat, I have made the decision that even if we are allowed a little of something I would normally gorge on, I am NOT having it, I'd just end up sabotaging my exercise efforts, and so 1 week in I have lost 18lbs, I know scary!!! and I feel fitter, stronger and more confident. Week 2 has started and if I keep going this way I may look like Flat Stanley, but am hoping to plateau and start gaining muscle weight as my core strength increases. The story shall continue until March and hopefully I shall go from looking like this......

To looking like this......

Only time will tell. Wish me luck, if you want to join in too then please feel free to use the button, on the top right of my Blog. 

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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