Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lookie at what I got

So today Mr Postman crunched his way up my gravel driveway and inserted a very special something through my slot......

My First Issue (Issue 10)

Why? What did you think I was talking about?? Dirty! that's what you are a bunch of dirty, dirty people who should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves, my postman is about 70, and am a married woman!

I am really chuffed about how quickly this came I only ordered it a few days ago, unfortunately all the back issues aren't available, but I have issue 1 as a PDF and now issue 10, and I shall be paying for a subscription in a few months. I have new knee pads and wheels to fund first, I only allow myself a small Derby Budget each month, otherwise my whole wage packet would go on beautiful derby related goodness, and there would be no food, power or rent. Apparently you have to pay those, and its illegal to make your children work in a mine for skate monies. Shame, I was earning a fortune with their coal production.

Rhayfen sports a rather fetching velour tracksuit

I have spent a few minuets reading some of the more interesting articles, I am going to save the rest for later when inevitably my Husband will come home from work (he's a mechanic) and put on a 'how to build a engine' show or a WWII Documentary, that we have probably already seen at least twice. Or the kids will want to watch endless repeats of The Simpsons or Dr Who. FiveonFive shall be my salvation.

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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  1. hi
    I am interested in the velvet tracksuit
    image is on the notes.
    I could buy it from them.
    I pay what they want.
    I offer 150 to 200 euros for one.
    or what they want.
    please write to me