Monday, 31 January 2011

Man Po

So it was Thursday, I love Thursday skates. No training no teams, just an hour of pure skatey goodness. Some leagues call it their Rec Skate, others an Open Skate, We at CRoC call it the Glam Skate.

The Glam Skate is to give something back! God that sounds factious, but what I mean is, we are lucky enough to be able to hire out the hall. CRoC, CDD and the Brawlers have gained a trust with the local centre managers over the last 12 months or so and have proven to them that Roller Derby is not going to smash their precious freaking floors to pieces. Unfortunately we are still to secure a permanent home for CRoC, but baby steps.

So back to Thursday. I was very cautious initially, well I only injured my leg on Monday night and this was my first opportunity back on my skates. My leg held up well, in fact it complained less on skates than it does off them! go figure, even my injuries love Derby!!

I did a few laps, trying to see how far I could push, without doing further damage. I  had Sundays scrimmage with Swansea in my head, I really didn't want to have to tell the girls I couldn't skate. Thank you Mr Anterior Calf, you behaved like a gentleman. My crossovers where a little stiff, but I could still get round those corners.

Then it was time to play. We have come to the conclusion that, we here at CRoC, love Roller Derby, we are passionate, and we train hard. We have also decided that we may not hit the hardest, we may apologise to each other too much whilst scrimming and we may be destroyed in our Debut, but we shall do it all with style!! Am unsure what guise that style will take, but as such a few of us are trying to learn some 'jam' skate moves. The opposition may well be 100 points ahead but can they do this!?

*Arabesque, into a spiral, skates off then does a triple salchow over the pivot line!*

I have just about mastered the arabesque, I am learning to spin, its harder than it looks. All in all a brilliant night of twatting about on quads.

Then for the drive home.......

Cardiff are finally resurfacing some roads, unfortunately its the one we needed to use to get home. So we had to come off at Culverhouse Cross, Help!! am lost now!!! we where driving down a road in Ely trying to find our way out of Cardiff, or at the very least a land mark that confirmed we where heading in the right direction. When much to my delighted amusement, we drove past a Chinese Takeaway with the fabulous name of...... 'Man Po'.

I quite literally laughed out loud, Nancy was in the same predicament, poor Jonesy was trying to drive with us pair wetting our knickers, asking us what the bloody hell was so funny. Unfortunately by the time we had composed ourselves and explained, it wasn't so funny, which made it even more funny!!!

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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