Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Driver, follow that Bus!

Well, First thank you all for your 'OMG hope your ok' facebook posts. Thanks to the Wife for accompanying to A&E and keeping me sane.

A big ppfffft to the triage nurse, he was very rude, I didn't even get into the triage room. he quizzed me in the corridor and said, 'well your walking on it' erm, yes but it hurts like FUCK you twat!!

Whilst waiting a lovely pushy mother panicking over a bumped head, child was screaming quite happily, had a go at said triage nurse and then the approx waiting time magically went from 30 mins to 2 hr 30, Thanks Love! anyways, whilst waiting my leg started to go numb and cold, damn it was cold. Now I don't have a medical degree but even I know poor circulation is a bad thing, especially when there's a query fracture!!

So eventually I get to see the Nurse Practitioner. Why is it so hard to get a Dr?? not that I needed one right then. He asked how I had injured myself, rather than having to explain Roller Derby, I just said Roller Skating, his response?? 'Your 28?', Like age has anything to do with it!! Cheeky F%*ker.

He inspected my leg and I am pleased to report I have only managed to severely sprain my anterior calf. So the cold leg was, well coz it was cold. Right then body, I take your PING and raise you a DILIGAF.

Now the $64,0000 question, when can I skate?? you know what he said......... 'You can't run on it for 2 weeks'. Nothing absolutely nothing about skating, so I my mind that means I can still Skate!!! I jest, am in for some rest and lots of ice packs. If it frees off by Thursday I'll try the Glam Skate, if not I'll try Saturday's training. Hopefully *crosses fingers* I will be okay to skate by Sunday, I have already agreed to help Swansea with their first intraleague bout, it was supposed to be in December but due to the stupid snow, it had to be postponed. January 30th is Mummy Rhayfen's Birthday and since she only live 6 miles from Swansea's training venue, I can kill to birds with one stone.

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