Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Night My Leg Went PING!

Monday's training was awesome, for everyone accept me. I am a competitive person, especially against myself, if I jump 4" first time I want 6" the next. So first we did a few warm-up laps, then we gave the 25 in 5 a go. I DID IT!! first time on my new skates, so I think I have finally set them up correctly. Then it was time for the dynamic stretches, all went well until the 10sec fast feet. We run/stamp as quickly as we can then squat down to touch the floor and then jump up. First 2 times I did this I hopped more than a jump, so I decided ti really try and get some height for the last jump, worst mistake ever!

For some reason, my brain is still to tell me why, I tried to land the jump on my toe-stops :S

My full body weight went onto my left leg, my ankle went one way, my knee went the other. For a moment I was wobbling on my leg with both joints trying to go in opposite directions. I could feel my leg trying to twist and   the then PING and I was on the floor.

Things get a bit hazy then. My vision tunneled and everyone sounded like they where underwater. I started pouring with sweat and as Dotty commented I was white as a sheet. So that was my training session over. I felt better after 30mins or so and since we where having a black v blue Scrimmage, I offered to help Ref, there was no way I wanted to risk skating hard on my tender leg.

I woke up this morning in double the pain I had last night, Ibuprofen has done nothing, nor Deep Heat, and so I called the Dr, he is sending me to A&E, with, best case, a suspected ruptured calf, worse case it could be a slight green stick spiral fracture! EEEEP!!

I'll let you know how I get on...........

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