Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Invisible Bruises and Roath Park Rampage

Invisible Bruises are the bane of my life right about now. Some of you may be wondering what am on about, I shall explain as best I can. Basically Roller Girls love their bruises, they are a memorial to a hard fought Bout/Scrimmage and a testament to Girls skating. They also look awesome. Now I seem to have a small problem (if you don't play or know a roller girl you may be a tad confused) I can't seem to get a bruise!!

I have gone down on my ass several times in the last 3 training sessions and although I feel bruised there is no visible purple flesh, I WANT MY DERBY KISSES!! I bloody well earn them so why are they hiding?????

The best I have is a small brown bruise that appeared on my arm after last nights intra-league bout, mostly thanks to NiKilla, she has a matching set on her arms from me, see I can share too.

Now as proud as I am of this, its not exactly the beast of a bruise I know I should have on my arse after really smashing down on it. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if I had done something to my coccyx, it hurts pretty much constantly, more so if I sit/stand/bend/lift and last night every time I rolled over in bed! and still NO BRUISE!!
Am sure it will be fine and am working on the 'ignorance is bliss' tactic for now, you see today is the 28th year of my Birth and I really don't fancy spending it in A&E having my arse x-ray'd and explaining to multiple NHS staff how I did it and what Roller Derby is. Also if there is something worse than a bruise going on then am not going to able to skate!! Seriously though, if its still this tender on Wednesday I'll go to the GP.


Monday 13th December 2010 saw the first intra-league Bout for the Cardiff Roller Collective aka CRoC. The two teams where Raiders of the Roath Park (Blue) and New Roathmantics (Black). Raiders where Captained by Grazed Anatomy and the Roathmatics by Rhayfen. A big thank you goes out to the girls from both Bridgend and Swansea who came to help fill our ranks as players, refs and NSO's.

Now before the bout started and during the first half we had people from the South Wales Echo taking photos and statements for a feature and ITV News came along too for a piece on the local news, so just to add to first time nerves and the fact we had some spectators, it was all being caught on camera!

The first half was a hard slog, ending with me being sent to the Sin-Bin 3 times for my bloody elbows, and the Half time score was Raiders 64 - Roathmantics 62. 

We all came back in the second half with one goal, the Raiders wanted to extend their lead, and us Roathmantics wanted to take it! and so the blocking and jamming continued on for 30 more minuets, and again I was sent to the Bin 3 times, its nice there that's the only reason for it, honest. I decided that there was no way I could be the Jammer again, or Pivot for that matter as my elbows had gotten me noticed by the ref's and they where watching me like a hawk, plus in Derby if you get binned 7 times in a game its expulsion, and I didn't want to be kicked off the track! As luck would have it though the clock ran down and the Bout was over.

Now there where a few wipe-outs, I have mentioned my own. Jasmina Poison took an elbow to the temple, then fell backwards and bashed her head, then a few moments after that went down again with such a hard THWACK she was taken off to be looked at, it was concluded she had a concussion and she was taken off to hospital, I am happy to report that she is fine and just has a headache, actually what she said was. "I have a little headache, am gutted though I really wanted finish that Jam" I don't think she remembers telling us all she could see was white while she was down! but hey, this proves what I have been saying Derby Gals are tough, and we'd skate with an arm off if it meant a win!!

As so "What was the score?" I hear you all asking! I am very pleased to announce that.......

CRoC 2010 Championship Bout - Roath Park Rampage.

Raiders: 112  -  Roathmantics: 137

New Roathmantics lift the imaginary trophy!! It was a fab night and there are just too many thank you's and well done's to be said, so if you where there and on skates; you where awesome, if you where an NSO; thank you, and if you where the audience; did you enjoy it?

Stay Skating, 

Derby Love.


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