Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ain't No Party Like A CRoC Part

Well its almost that time of year again! that's right, the fat German octogenarian is going to turn up illegally gain access to you home, eat all your pies and drink your all your Sherry! and if you have been good, which face it you know you haven't, he'll leave you a wooden top or a toy soldier as compensation.

As such your work-mates, school/college/uni mates, other friends, family and sports clubs start having the 'Christmas Party' which you know you have to attend to stop yourself looking like a modern day Scrooge, however there is only so much 'festive cheer' a girl can take in a 14 day period, oh and once Crimbo is done and dusted you have to start on the New Year celebrations, as such I am vowing to spend December 2011 in a perpetual state of merriment induced through the intake of copious amounts of Gl├╝hwein.

So the CRoC girls all got together at the 3 Arches in Cardiff and such merriment was to ensue, except it was a Wednesday night, and we all had work or children to look after the next day. In my case both. So a bit of food and 2 pints was my limit, for some of the girls who drove into Cardiff it was fizzy-pop all the way, who said Roller Girls can't live it up?!

Those who attended had fun, Jammer's Assistant devised a small Quiz for us to do. It wasn't completely derby based. Alot of plans where made for the 2011 season, and I have been a busy CRoC today sending multiple e-mails and writing a new Code Of Conduct for our Skaters and a separate one for the Ref's and NSO's. Our first bout has been penciled in for June with the possibility of another 2 after that.

So silly season is well upon us and we have only one more training session this year, well its for an hour on a Thursday and its our first 'GLAM' skate, basically there's going to be a few tunes on the gramophone and we are going to put on our glad-rags and have a good 'ole fashioned knees up!!

So until 2011

Stay Skating

Derby Love


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