Monday, 13 December 2010

Double Debut - SRT v BHH

So after training I followed Jammer's Assistant home for a spot of lunch and to wait for Aofie and Beth to arrive so we could all car share over the Lloger (England for you none Welshies) to watch Severn Roller Torrent take on Bristol Harbour Harlots in what was both teams maiden bout. Aptly titled Tinsel and Torture.

What I wanna know is how these teams find a venue big enough to bout in! us Welsh girls, are having a real hard time convincing local authorities to let us skate in their 'public' leisure centres. They seem only to be for member of the public who want to play badminton, 5-a-side football, basketball etc. Anyway back to the bout.

So we took our seats, and waited for the game to begin, and we took lots of notes. SRT and BHH both started around the same time as CDD. So we wanted to see what their skating, blocking etc was like in comparison to ours. Some might call it spying, I prefer espionage. I am happy to report that I honestly think we could have beaten BHH and had a fair fight with SRT, but I suppose its easy to sit and watch thinking that. A whole new kettle of fish once your on that track with approx 200 spectators!!

A few constructive criticisms for the host team though, having been to a few bouts now the music/sound system and PA where too quiet, and the Compere's mic kept cutting out. Also the Score Board was in a position that it was hard for the audience to see (well from where we were sat) and a bit too small to read, but I think the score-board thing was more a matter of the lack of space. Just something that I think they should try and address before the next bout, but again its all about funds, so am thinking CRoC should hold a fundraiser in the future to buy a decent PA. £30 should be enough eh??

I did note that a few of the girls weren't using crossovers to get around the corners meaning they where losing speed by just gliding through them, and there were no 'pony feet' or 'running' the corners again something which helps with speed, so the fact we are teaching our girls them makes me happy!

Both teams where amazing and fought hard the whole way through. The Ref's where on top of the fouls and quiet alot of girls went to the Bin, but that's to be expected early in your Derby career, or so am told. LOL.

The game ended SRT 138 - BHH 60

A massive thanks to SRT for hosting the game and putting on a brilliant bout, and big congratulations to both teams, well done for popping your Derby Cherry's in a fantastic bout.

Am sure a rematch isn't far away and there's a score to settle now, which always leads to an interesting game.

Stay Skating

Derby Love


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