Monday, 13 December 2010

Derby Weekends are AWESOMEASAURUS!!

So another Saturday, another session in Channel View, and this week I have the helmet panties and My NEW SKATES!! have I mentioned them yet??

Now here comes the moan......

We as a collective have approx 30 skaters on our books, nice numbers on paper. However due to illness, work, holidays, kids and injuries to name but a few things we tend to have 15 regular skaters. So how some on Saturday less than 10 turned up? Bruise Springsteen had to leave early to do something but she skated the first half, and Kelly arrived mid session, but coz she was feeling under the weather put her skates on and mainly watched. You'll be surprised how much you can learn by just watching a session. Now on top of the low turned out might I add that it was the last session before our first intra-league bout, and although it is a closed bout and more about our Ref's and NSO's gaining experience as well as the girls skating a full game. Its seems to me that we all needed to attend this training session. Yet I do understand that it is fast approaching C-Day and December does something funny to most people. I think that's my grumble, grumbled. However more might appear as and when I remember it.

So back to Saturday's session.

We did the normal warm-up, stretch, fall etc etc etc etc etc. then we did some more work on our blocks. I have finally worked out the 'head' thing I do. Basically when I move laterally from inside track to outside or visa-versa I tend to lead with my head, which is fine as long as I don't make contact with another skater. However when I do the same lateral move to throw a hit I am still leading with my head, which means I quiet regularly head-butt my opponent! Which is a big Derby no-no and will lead to me spending ALOT of time in the Sin-Bin, especially coupled with the pelvic thrust I seem to deliver when someone is directly in front of me.

We also spent about 50 mins of the session just discussing the rules and regulations and trying to learn the hand signals that are most likely to be used on Monday night.

Then it was time to leave, I don't know about the rest of the CRoC's but am starting to find 2 hours not enough time now. Maybe we could look at doing a 3 hours session every few weeks, we'll have to have a team meeting in the new year and see what people think, want and need the team to be doing and to ensure we are all still singing from the same hymn sheet.

And so it was from training to a Bout the CRoC's did wander, but that my friends is another story.....

Stay Skating

Derby Love


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  1. If everyone is true to their word, we'll have a lot back in the New Year.
    I agree, 2 hours flys by! I'd definately like a few 3 hours sessions. A team meeting is definately a good idea xxx