Monday, 14 February 2011

Masquerade! Paper Faces On Parade!!

The CRoC Launch Party was awesome!! even if I am biased since it was our party. Big moohasive thanx to Kerry Willecome for finding the venue and sorting out the bands, even with the last minute addition of IronBird!!

The girls did a brilliant job making all the cupcakes, although mine was dubbed 'the cake of dubious origin' I'll have you know it was chocolate fudge and very yummy, if a little dry.

There's not really much more to say about the launch, as I got completely mashed off my face on some excellent Scrumpy!!!

However we did hold the CRoC Awards, all team members who attended where asked to vote for who they believed had earned the following titles......

Rock'er Blocker Awarded to MrsBaxter for the best block or blocks
Spectacular Fall Awarded to Jasmina Poison the girl who makes us all go 'ooooooo'
Penalty Princess Awarded to Rhayfen for being the girl who spends the most time in the Sin Bin
Most Aggressive Awarded to NiKilla the girl who scares the shit out the rest of us
Most Improved CRoC Awarded to Jinx'em G who has made the most progress
and finally.....
The Golden Wheel Awarded by the CRoC Exec. Committee to Grazed Anatomy for being the CRoC who we feel has made the most progress in all aspects of Roller Derby.

and that is all I have to say about that, except........

If you are ever so drunk in a pub you feel sick, the you are sick. Please go home!! I did not appreciate being told by 'Drunk Man Smells Like Vomit' that my Derby Wife, Emilie Mort'Em was my sister. He was convinced we where lying to him. He was also really trying to kiss us at every chance. I felt like screaming YOU SMELL OF VOMIT FUCK OFF! but I didn't, shame really.

Stay Skating, Derby Love


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