Monday, 17 January 2011

STOMP! My Skate Space!!

So another Saturday morning.

This week I had to take my daughter to training with me, but its all good, shes 9 has her own kit and is well on her way to becoming an awesome Derby Brat!

We tend to spend our Channel View sessions working on technique and skills and our Glan Hafren ones on actual Derby, its a space thing I guess. So today we worked a bit on falls and speed, starting and stopping. We have just started getting the girls up onto their toe stops. Myself, Mrs Baxter (nee Jammers Assistant) and Abadabadoo are all pretty confident already, mine steams from years in amazingly high heels and trying to be a ballet dancer. So I find it quite easy to hop up onto my stops and bounce, run, turn. Alas not everyone has the same 'gah, whats the worse that can happen' attitude as me, as such there is a little apprehension. Jasmina yet again went full bore, I am running psycho attitude that seems to only be explained by the fact shes Polish and they just breed them that way, every time she went down she bounced back up at the same speed. We are all seriously starting to think she is made of rubber. Cat bless her got it in the end but if shes not careful very soon her backside is going to file for emancipation rights and go live in an Eider-down factory.

By the end of it I think most people where happy with running starts, in principal at the very least, we can practice the applied theory on Monday.

We started working on our 5 in 1 times, not that they are very reliable in channel view, I doubt there is ample room for the track. we basically skated as big as the space would allow, I got 5 1/2 laps, however once we put down a regulation track that might change. I seem to keep missing my 25 in 5 since I got my new skates. Now before I could do it, and if anything I am fitter, stronger and more able now, so I am convinced it is my wheels set up. I only just fail. GAH! am going to have to try and get some slightly slicker wheels, see what happens, it probably is down to the fact that I just can't do it, but I doubt it, sine I have done it before, several times. That said the words: Bad, Work, Blame and Tools does spring to mind.

We then did some really lovely leg and core workouts, which are still aching me 2 days later, Sunday morning I actually cursed Mrs Baxter out loud! however, I shall have an amazing butt and washboard abs, so its a good pain, is there such a thing?

And so our session came to an end and we all bomb burst into Cardiff and the surrounding area to squeeze in as much housework, shopping, child-rearing, whatever into the afternoon before we all headed off into Newport to watch the ladies form Tiger Bay Brawlers make their Debut against Bristol Harbour Harlots. A write up about the Bout, as seen through my eyes will follow, and hopefully not a week late like the last one.

Derby Love


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