Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I carried a Watermelon......Jonesy is an Awesome Target

Well what a training session! Mainly for the fact my Wife is finally back on 8 wheels! GO EMILIE MORT'EM!!

Much merriment and hilarity was had during the car pool. We discovered last week that Knuckle Sandwich Nancy had NEVER seen Dirty Dancing, Grease, Grease 2 to name but a few. We are remedying that situation. She finally saw DD and confessed in the car that she really enjoyed it. Even if it was a bit naff, erm that's the point! We shall educate the poor child.

I am currently on Day 3 of the Roller Derby Workout Challenge. Its easy enough, so far. However day 1 was my rest day as I had done RD Training the day before and ran 2 miles, day 2 was Derby Training so today I actually have to do the DVD or the exercise plan. I think I may ache a bit by the end of the day. My starting weight is 152.67lbs or 10.9 stone, am 5' 4" so that puts my BMI nicely into the Overweight category. However in 8 weeks time I shall be at least 9.9 stone. am hoping to lose 4lbs a week, but knowing my luck I'll lose shit loads for the first 3 weeks then plateau and spend the rest of the challenge wondering where I went wrong.

So, back to training. The gorgeous girls from Bridgend Rockabilly Rollers came down (or is it up? across?) to train with us. We did a warm up then practiced our Min Skills, now I have 'almost' passed all I have left to do is the written exam. However I failed the 25 laps in 5 minuets last night. I shall blame that solely on my new skates and ├╝ber sticky 88a wheels as when I was in my Bandits (3 sizes too big) and on 95a wheels I could do it, only just, but I did it. So I know I have a bit more work to put in there.

We then split the group into those who have passed, or are doubt to do Min Skills and those who are still working towards them.

I took the group who had passed, while JA took the girls who haven't. I had bought along a Rugby tackle pad to the session as I wanted to used it to get the girls used to hitting hard, we have a few who are fearless; me, Nikilla, Belle, Abadabadoo, JA, Grazed. However we need to get the whole team hitting like they are trying to throw the opposition through the wall. And so the lovely squishy pad gave us all the opportunity to hit as hard as we dared whilst safe in the knowledge that we probably won't get hurt. It's a very difficult instinct to overcome, you want to smack your target, really throw your shoulder in but your brain goes... WAIT! This could Hurt! same as jumping you want to do it but sometimes your brain doesn't play ball. UpYour Jonesy wasn't skating so she was volunteered to hold the pad, and she did an awesome job as we all took it in turns to skate as fast and hard as we could towards her and SMACK! shoulder in, now hitting a static target is completely different to a moving one, however this was about getting your techniques right. I still bring my arm back as I come out of a hit meaning my elbow comes into play and I get a penalty. So I need to work on that. I also need to look at my target. Talking to the girls we realised quite a few of us close our eyes as we make contact, again perfectly natural but still a habit I want us to get out of. Your are after all responsible for all the hits you make. No good saying 'sorry I didn't see that downed skater, I had my eyes closed'  After a few static practices I took the pad and stared to skate as the girls practiced skating up behind me and then making the hit.

We then moved onto falls, good old slam yourself into the ground falls. In fact there isn't enough falls practice you can do. So it was a case of skating up and down the length of the hall doing 10 of each, left knee, right knee, baseball, double knee, porn star. Then we started getting clever single knee 180° and then onto the double knee 360° but that one is still a work in progress. 

I have run out of space and so the story shall continue.............

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  1. Thank you for following my blog!! I actually love skating, but I don't have the type that you do, inline skates I like :D I don't really know what skate derby is... I assume it is loads of fun, thank you for following my blog again :)